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Essentials for Styling a Farmhouse Bathroom

Any farmhouse decor enthusiast knows that the bathroom plays a huge part in setting the tone of the entire home. You want your bathroom to feel warm and inviting, while still feeling pristine and fresh. Check out our best tips for styling the farmhouse bathroom of your dreams.

Pick out the perfect statement piece – your vanity.

A rustic or farmhouse style vanity is an absolute must when decorating your bathroom. Decide whether to go with a dark or light wood cabinet, and pick your hardware accordingly. 


farmhouse style bathroom vanity

Faucets set the tone of your bathroom, as it’s one of the main points of contact that every guest will interact with. There are many choices to choose from including vintage brass, stainless steel, or powder coated hardware, so be sure to keep this decision in mind when styling your space.

If you’re looking for a higher quality, unique piece to add to your bathroom, check out Steve’s farmhouse furniture. Our second location for The Rustic Barn is dedicated exclusively to artisan furniture that tells a story. Handmade furniture takes months to source, and weeks to create, meaning every piece is unique and sought after in the styling space. When making the decision on your vanity, consider what you type of story you want your farmhouse bathroom to tell.

Keep it light and bright.

To compliment your rustic vanity, keep the rest of the space light and bright. You want the vanity to be the focal point or your bathroom, so choose a light wall color to brighten up the space.

Add a fresh scent.

You can’t go wrong when choosing a candle for your bathroom, but in our opinion, it’s best to stick with one that’s light and fresh. Candles refresh the air in a more natural way than other air fresheners and create a comforting feeling.

Open up the space with open shelving.

Add visual interest and make your space seem more spacious by picking out the perfect open shelving display for your linens and bathroom products. Open shelving displays add a point of interest to your bathroom without overpowering any of your other style decisions. Add a plant of your choice to the shelf for a more welcoming feeling.


farmhouse bathroom shelves styling  

A finishing touch. 

A farmhouse bathroom isn’t complete without a stunning mirror. Whether you opt for a modern black frame mirror or an antique piece as an added accent, be sure it fits your bathroom space and size of the vanity well, not overpowering anything, especially the vanity it’s hung above.

Farmhouse Mirror

Don’t forget the hand towels!

Give your guests a soft and durable way to dry their hands that leaves them feeling refreshed. Pick a few colors or patterns that complement your bathroom and mix-match them to add texture to the space.

Ready to design the farmhouse bathroom of your dreams?

Schedule a design consultation with The Rustic Barn Home Decor Team, or shop our selection of farmhouse finds. Happy decorating!

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