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The Ultimate Rustic Farmhouse Styling Guide

Ever wondered the best way to style decor to make your home look like those you’ve been pinning on Pinterest? From your farmhouse home’s entryway to the back patio, at the Rustic Barn, we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing our best tips and tricks to help your home look stunning in no time.  


A few things to keep in mind when styling your farmhouse decor.

When getting started with decorating your farmhouse style home, there are a few key points to consider. Always remember to keep it cozy, comfortable, and neutral. You can always add pops of color where you see fit, but make sure those colors don’t take away from your gorgeous styled home. It’s also important to mix textures (which we’ll dive into later) and shop old instead of new whenever possible. We recommend shopping at antique malls, flea markets, or artisan shops such as The Rustic Barn itself!


Styling Your Entryway and Mudroom.

The entryway to your home may very well be one of the most important places to consider when styling your farmhouse. After all, you must give a great first impression. When styling your entryway or mudroom, you’ll want to make it beautiful, but also functional. Grab some baskets to store clutter and find a unique piece of furniture to provide seating. Tie it all together with a neutral rug, rustic wood decor, and greenery to add a pop of color and invite people in.



Creating a Cozy Farmhouse Living Space.

Moving through your home, the next place you’ll want to style is your living room. As we said earlier, keeping your home cozy and comfortable is one of the best characteristics of gorgeous farmhouses. Stick with light and fresh colors by starting with a light base color when picking out your couch – and make sure it’s comfy. Pick out rustic furniture and decor from a secondhand or home decor shop and get to mixing textures!

We love mixing textures by picking out unique wicker pieces, wood decor, and cozy pillows and throws to create that classic farmhouse feeling. Add in some wall decor to pull everything together, and of course, don’t forget the accent decor! (Check out our candlesticks and vases for inspiration.)

Farmhouse living room 

The Farmhouse Kitchen You’ve Been Dreaming Of...

The thing that makes a farmhouse kitchen functional is that all of the tools and equipment you use can be repurposed to act as decor. Pull out your wooden spoons, cutting boards, and stand mixers and style them purposefully throughout your kitchen. Compliment these wood pieces with glass, ceramic, and other natural textures to create a cohesive, beautiful aesthetic that you’ll love. 

By adding a variety of height and decor to your space through stunning kitchen decor, you’ll draw attention to your gorgeous space and make people feel welcomed. Bring everything together by adding florals and live plants (with planters of course) and get ready to host charcuterie nights to remember!


Designing a Dining Room Worth Hosting Dinner Parties In

When it comes to your dining room, the dining tables and chairs are the focal point, so it’s important to choose wisely! Find a unique wooden table, (bonus points if it’s handcrafted), and choose seating that compliments the colors of the space. You can mix fabric chairs, rustic wood chairs, and benches to create a unique dining experience. 

Once you’ve curated your dining set, it’s time to decorate! Find a stunning centerpiece that keeps your space looking full – popular choices include candlesticks, florals, mason jars, or vintage wood boxes. To tie it all together, pick out a neutral area rug, table runner, and placemats to add depth to the space.


Freshen Up in a Bathroom Everyone Will Be Talking About

Your bathroom should not only be clean and bright, but also inviting. A rustic farmhouse vanity or cabinet is an absolute must when decorating your bathroom. It adds a focal point and serves as the basis for the rest of the decor in the space. Add some florals and candles to the space to brighten it up and leave it feeling fresh to really allow your bathroom to take the spotlight. 

Finish up the space by adding in some open shelving to display your linens and other bathroom essentials without overpowering the other decor.


Cozying Up in a Beautiful Farmhouse Bedroom

Your bedroom shouldn’t be neglected in the process of decorating your home. To create the bedroom you’ve been dreaming of, pick out modern pieces complemented by rustic home decor, or vice versa! Pick out one or two statement pieces for your space whether that be a dresser or headboard, and base the rest of your decisions around that. 

You can never go wrong with throw pillows or cozy blankets, so pick out plenty, and get a wicker basket to hold the rest! Adding stunning light fixtures, gorgeous greenery, and beautiful wall decor to compliment your bedding will set your space apart and leave you feeling genuinely excited to make the bed and freshen up the space.


Don’t forget the outside of your home! Your farmhouse isn’t complete without some final touches.

Impress Everyone with a Stunning Front Porch

Your front porch is the ultimate first impression, so don’t hold back! Start by picking out rustic and functional outdoor furniture like a rocking chair or bench. Add pillows, and outdoor throws to make it feel cozy, and maybe even add an outdoor rug. Find some outdoor greenery or place fresh florals in a vase and find a welcome sign to place by the front door to invite guests in.

Relax on a Cozy and Functional Patio

Create a second living space in your backyard by first picking out seating with natural materials to add charm to your patio. When decorating this space, it’s important to use your backyard’s natural beauty to enhance your decisions. If you don’t have a lot of natural greenery, add some with faux outdoor plants or get some planters and start growing your own. Find functional and stunning pieces that can be used as serving trays or glassware and bring it together with outdoor linens and rugs.


Ready to design the farmhouse of your dreams?

Schedule a design consultation with The Rustic Barn Home Decor Team for personal farmhouse styling in Connecticut, or shop our selection of farmhouse finds. Happy decorating!

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