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Farmhouse Style Summer Decor Guide 2022

For the farmhouse decor enthusiast, summer is a time to socialize, refresh, and style your home with fabulous farmhouse finds. From the front porch to the kitchen table, we’re bringing you our best tips to curate modern farmhouse home decor this summer.   

Styling a farmhouse-inspired front porch: our best tips for outdoor decor.

Make the first impression of your home count with a cozy, comfortable porch where you can spend all summer long. When we think of interior design, the outside of our homes often get forgotten. In the summer, the focal point of a true farmhouse home will be the outdoor spaces, whether you have a cozy front porch or a back patio seated around a fireplace. 

Start with seating.

We love to style the front porch with seating like rocking chairs and wooden benches. For some added fun, add a porch swing that the kids and grown-ups alike will love spending an afternoon on. 



Cotton and comfortable.

Struggling to get the cozy farmhouse look in the summer? When it’s time to put the wool blankets and heavy throws away for the year, consider finding lightweight cotton or linen accents for your outdoor furniture. Farmhouse style is all about layering and mixing colors and textures, so don't be afraid to grab some prints, patterns, and accent pieces for your porch.


Add an outdoor rug.

Adding a printed outdoor rug is the perfect way to cozy up your porch - and avoid splinters - while refining your rustic farmhouse style. A rug is a great way to center your seating area and make your outdoor space feel more like a home.

Set the tone with summer scents.

Even the most avid candle-lovers often forget about accenting their space with scent in the summer months. Burning summer candle scents on a porch table or as a patio centerpiece can add comfort to your outdoor space. Choose from some of our favorites below, or shop all candle scents here. 


Hang a potted floral or two. 

There’s nothing that adds life to a space quite like greenery, even if you’re opting for faux florals this season! Add some woven pots to your porch with planted florals, or opt for a wall hanging planter to add dimension.



Make your outdoor space interactive.

How do you plan on using your outdoor space? If you plan to have guests gather, add some farmhouse style mugs or stylish wine glasses. If you plan to use your porch as a space to relax solo, add a journal and a pen for thoughtful moments. Remember, your space needs to work for you, so make it your own!

Moving indoors: our best tips for styling your farmhouse kitchen and living room for summer.

When it’s time to move the summer festivities indoors, we like to bring our farmhouse decor from the outside in. In this guide, we’ll focus on two of the most important gathering areas in your home: the kitchen and the living room.

Get snacking with a Charcuterie setting.

We all love an aesthetically pleasing, artisanal food moment – bonus points if it tastes even better! Create the meat and cheese board of your dreams by laying out your snacks on a marble or wood board, and don’t forget the utensils!


Pick your Pitcher.

Summer snacking wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing drink. Picking the right pitcher for your kitchen space can set your kitchen over the top. Pitchers provide you with a stylish way to serve lemonade and margaritas right from the comfort of your own home.

Make your kitchen berry sweet.

You can’t go wrong with berry bowls. Perfect for rinsing and serving delicious berries, berry bowls can add the perfect breath of fresh air that your kitchen needs for the ultimate summer look. 

Add a neutral base to balance the setting.

Need a piece to ground everything together? Try out a rattan serving tray! Rattan has a natural texture that compliments all types of ceramic, marble, and wood pieces. Rattan serving trays not only help reduce clutter by keeping surfaces tidy, but also provide an easy way to move your kitchen necessities around the house.

Freshen up with summer napkins.

Lightweight summer napkins are both attractive and functional. Pick a color or pattern that complements the colors of your home and pairs with the rest of your tableware.


Summer Cloth Napkins

Set the table.

Now that you’ve gathered your kitchen decor, it’s time to set the table! Lay out a floral or patterned table runner that complements your tableware and contrasts from your napkins. Fresh flower centerpieces are a popular choice, but should always be displayed low enough to see the person on the other side of the table. Swap out the florals for fresh herbs and candlesticks for a more classy and elegant look, but again, make sure your stunning centerpieces don’t block anyone’s view.


Farmhouse Table Styling


Ready to style your farmhouse kitchen for the summer?

Shop our favorite farmhouse finds, perfect for summer gatherings!








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