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How the home design process works

Have you always wanted your living space to be designed by an expert who knows all of the tips and tricks needed to turn your room into an inviting retreat?  Then, we have a surprise for you! This week on the blog, we’ll be featuring The Rustic Barn’s home design services

Our services are deeply personalized and finished with hand-chosen items from our store.  We offer in-home design that's completely tailored to your space and style. We not only help you choose stunning farmhouse furnishings, we transform your home.   

The Rustic Barn's home design process works to bring the ultimate in design, warmth, and comfort to your home.  

What started off as home improvement projects with her my mother-in-law, Luba, turned into a passionate service.  Lisa, who leads the design process at The Rustic Barn, comes into your home and tailors it to your style.  

Reimagine your space with selected and styled pieces from The Rustic Barn.

With years of experience as a store manager at Ann Taylor Loft and a background in the art of candle making and customer relationships, Lisa will begin with a personal consultation and then will help you select signature pieces from The Rustic Barn to upgrade your home's appeal.  She will guide your home from "before" to "after."  

We'd love to visit your home and get to know you -- and your space.

Our personalized home design service starts with a consultation.  At this initial meet up, you will put down a $150 deposit that will be used towards your purchase during the design process. 

As we collaborate and start to style your space, design time is billed at $100 per hour, and addresses more than 15 miles from our Killingworth location will also have a travel fee included.

When the project is complete, Lisa will make sure she leaves your home completely changed for the better!

Let's look at some common questions from our clients about The Rustic Barn's home design process.  

Are you interested in redesigning your interior living space?  Still have questions?  Maybe we can answer some for you!

What areas in my home can you style?

We can style any space in (or outside of) your home, from the kitchen to your front porch!

How long does the consultation usually last?

Our consultations can take up to 1-1/2 hours.  We need to spend time in the space to be styled and ask a lot of questions, like how the area will be used and what colors to avoid.  We take lots of pictures and measurements as well.

What does the entire process include?

We meet for the consultation and then on the day of installation. We also tour our home decor store and make a plan, from rugs and curtains, to pillows and throws! 

Each installation usually takes between 2-3 hours depending on the size(s).  

Do you supply decorative pieces?

We bring lots of products with us and try to incorporate as much as we can, with what you already have, in order to create your dream room. 


Can you work with a budget?

Some clients like to stay within a budget, while others really don't have one.  We can honor either preference. 

On a fun note, what are Lisa's favorite rooms to decorate?

My favorite rooms to style are living rooms or great rooms!  This is where families spend the most time, and I love to create a space that is warm and welcoming for them. I really don't have a favorite project; I love them all, and I just love to decorate!

Bring your rustic farmhouse together with professional styling and placement. 

Whether you have a desire to style a teenage girl's room, have a cozy home office in mind, or simply need to liven up your family room, we can help you!  We can incorporate beautiful rustic colors into your home's atmosphere -- and bring the candles, throws, and pillows, too.  

You can learn more about our service and schedule your consultation here:

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