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Farmhouse Decor Trends for Spring 2023

Spring 2023 has arrived.  Flowers are in bloom, the air feels cleaner, and farmhouse decor is reflecting the fresh vibe.  The Rustic Barn’s spring collection is a show-stopper that will leave you excited to make your dwelling place a seasonal retreat worth sharing with others.  

This spring’s farmhouse decor is easy to incorporate into your home with a little inspiration from the experts.  

Although farmhouse style can be celebrated every season, it is especially delightful during the spring. Spring 2023 is no different and does not disappoint.  By placing themed elements throughout the home, you will make it feel cohesive and cozy.  Some of this year’s trends embrace faint-colored flowers of all sizes, different uses for glass, wreaths galore, chalkboards, and vintage vases and stoneware.

Keep scrolling for ideas and tips on how to include these cheerful trends into your living space. 

Now that warm winter pines have been put away, it’s time to bring out delicate flowers, mosses, and nests.  

Cool morning breezes and new growth springing from the earth provoke decorating with beautiful pale flowers in the home.  Think of baby’s breath, with its sweet scent, and birds fluttering on the porch.  Use a life-like nest to hold seasonal candy or Fabergé eggs.  Adding a small bouquet of flowers here and there will charm any room.  If you’re feeling extra creative, utilize flowers and plants as sculptures.  


Liven things up by putting white petunias in tin jugs on the floor or consider thinking “inside the box” by placing spring tulips in decorative wooden boxes or woven baskets like these. There are many options.

Glass indicates reflection and transparency and can give off a “spring clean” feel.  

Whether it’s clear, slightly tinted, or textured, glass is such a vision in a farmhouse.  Glass chandeliers speak elegance and serve as great focal points in main rooms like the kitchen, living, or dining areas.  Don’t be afraid to show them off in your foyer as well.  

glassware for spring

Use mason jars in groups or solo to hold those flowers mentioned earlier.  A small glass piece with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers from the garden adds beauty to your kitchen island without feeling bulky and taking up too much space.  Glass heirlooms can be used as the finishing touch to coffee or end tables and will quietly whisper, “Welcome Spring.”

Nothing is more inviting than a pretty wreath on your front door, or even your wash room. 

Showy or subtle, wreaths attract attention either way.  Embellish them with a bit of wire, fruit such as lemons, or again, with flowers like fresh, dried, or silk lavender.  


spring wreaths

For an old-school farmhouse look, use chalkboards to send a message. 

Need to have the menu front and center, a hands-on grocery list, or a visual reminder to pick up the dry cleaning? Communicate with chalkboards!  Set them next to vases with flower names for a stylish touch.  

Chalkboards above the mantle and near a hint of greenery can balance your living room.  Write words like “gather” or “spring” on them.  Set one on an easel in your entrance with “welcome” for lavish hospitality or turn the entire wall into a chalkboard - whatever makes you smile.      

Elevate your shelving with vintage vases and stoneware for an eye-catching wall display.

Vases and stoneware can be the ultimate luxury.  Choose from those with a pop of color or artisan designs to line your shelves and window sills.  Let your personality shine.  

Line a wooden buffet or hallway table with vases or bowls of different hues for flair.  Feel free to fill them with moss or bird feathers, or simply leave them empty.  Great pieces will stand on their own.   

Shop more from The Rustic Barn’s spring collection

Spring is a time to clear the air and the home.  Keeping your farmhouse decor simple and light will brighten any mood and like the sun, encourage guests to stay out just a little bit longer.  

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