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Create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams with these expert styling tips

Welcome to the heart of your home, where rustic charm meets functional beauty -- in the farmhouse kitchen. With its warm and inviting ambience, the farmhouse kitchen has become a popular choice for homeowners seeking a cozy and timeless aesthetic.   

In this blog post, we will guide you through styling tips to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

From custom furniture and built-ins, to curated decor and styling trends for 2023, let's transform your space into a rustic farmhouse haven.

Custom Furniture for Personalized Charm

One of the key elements in creating a dream farmhouse kitchen is custom furniture that reflects your unique style and personality. Consider investing in handcrafted farmhouse tables with reclaimed wood, providing a sturdy and authentic centerpiece for your kitchen. Pair it with matching benches or a mix of vintage chairs for a relaxed and eclectic look.

In addition, custom kitchen islands can add character and functionality and serve as a focal point for gathering, meal preparation, and storage. Embrace the beauty of natural wood grains and distressed finishes to enhance the rustic appeal of your farmhouse kitchen.


Furniture with Built-ins for Functionality

Incorporating furniture with built-in features can optimize space and add convenience to your farmhouse kitchen. Look for farmhouse-style cabinetry with built-in wine racks, plate racks, or open shelves to provide a perfect balance between practicality and beauty.

Consider farmhouse hutches or dressers with glass-paneled doors for displaying your beloved dishware or vintage kitchen accessories. These built-in furniture pieces not only offer storage solutions but also showcase your cherished items to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

Curated Decor for Authenticity

Bring authenticity to your farmhouse kitchen with carefully curated decor that embodies rustic charm. Vintage enamelware, iron hooks for hanging pots and pans, and Mason jars for storing dry goods are all quintessential elements of a farmhouse kitchen.

Display antique kitchen utensils, such as rolling pins or copper cookware, on open shelves or hooks for a touch of nostalgia. Incorporate natural elements like fresh herbs in clay pots or hanging baskets to infuse your space with a fresh and organic vibe.

Don't forget to add farmhouse-inspired artwork or signage that reflects the values of simplicity, family, and hospitality!


Styling Trends for the 2023 Farmhouse Kitchen

Stay on-trend by including the following styling ideas for your 2023 rustic farmhouse kitchen.


Farmhouse Style From Lisa

Utilize Mixed Metals

Embrace the attractiveness of mixed metals by incorporating copper, brass, or matte black accents. Opt for farmhouse-style faucets, cabinet hardware, and pendant lights to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen space.


Subway Tile Backsplash

Create a timeless look with a subway tile backsplash. Choose classic white or experiment with muted colors like soft gray or sage green to complement your farmhouse setup.


Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is a staple in farmhouse kitchens. Opt for a deep, apron-front sink in materials like fireclay or porcelain to enhance your space and provide ample space for all of your kitchen tasks.


Natural Wood Elements

Incorporate natural wood elements throughout your kitchen, from exposed ceiling beams and hardwood floors, to butcher block countertops. The warmth and texture of wood add an inviting feel to your farmhouse kitchen.


Steel Cheese & Knife Set

With these styling tips, you're well on your way to creating the amazing farmhouse kitchen you've been envisioning.

Custom furniture pieces, furniture with built-in features, curated decor, and the latest styling trends for 2023 will help you achieve the perfect rustic farmhouse vibe.

Embrace the timeless charm of farmhouse decor while infusing your personal style to create a kitchen space that is both functional and welcoming. Get ready to enjoy the heartwarming and nostalgic atmosphere of your dream farmhouse kitchen.


Are you ready to design the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams?

We'd love the opportunity to help you design and style your farmhouse kitchen (or any room!).  When you're ready to move forward, simply schedule a design consultation with The Rustic Barn Home Decor Team, or shop our selection of farmhouse finds. Happy decorating!

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