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Style your farmhouse home for summer with these 5 quick tips!

As the summer season approaches, it's time to fill your rustic farmhouse home with the vibrant energy and laid-back charm of the sunny months. From creating cozy outdoor spaces to hosting delightful brunches and cocktail hours, there are numerous ways to embrace the essence of summer in your farmhouse decor.

Join us as we explore five quick tips from the experts to help you style your rustic farmhouse home for a refreshing (and inviting) summer ambience.

1.  Embrace cozy outdoor spaces.

Make the most of beautiful weather by creating inviting outdoor spaces that beckon relaxation and leisure.  Start by arranging comfortable seating areas using weather-resistant furniture, such as wicker chairs and wooden benches adorned with plush cushions.  Add a touch of rustic charm by incorporating vintage lanterns or string lights to create a warm and magical atmosphere during evening gatherings. 

Remember to have wraps easily accessible for your guests -- perfect for those chilly summer nights spent stargazing or enjoying a bonfire. And, speaking of wraps...

 summer outdoor space

2.  Be sure to swap out your heavy wraps and throw blankets for lightweight cotton ones.

As the temperatures rise, bid farewell to your heated throw blankets and embrace the lightness of summer. Swap out your cozy wool or knitted blankets for lightweight cotton throws in soft, airy colors. Drape them over the backs of sofas or armchairs for an effortless touch of summer style.

These lightweight blankets will provide a comforting layer during cooler evenings without overwhelming your space, allowing you to enjoy the "R & R" of your rustic farmhouse home throughout the season.

3.  Host brunches and cocktail hours.

Summer is the perfect time to entertain family and friends, and what better way to do so than by hosting delightful brunches and cocktail hours in your rustic farmhouse home? Create a welcoming mood by setting up a dedicated bar cart embellished with stylish glassware, colorful cocktail napkins, and refreshing drink options.

For brunches, decorate your dining table with vibrant seasonal flowers, mix-and-match vintage plates, and charming cloth towels. Encourage a sense of "easiness" by incorporating fresh fruits, artisanal cheeses, and homemade baked goods to showcase the bounty of summer.


summer towel -

4.  Make sure you display festive summertime kitchenware for added flair.

Update your farmhouse kitchenware to reflect the vibrant colors and breezy feel of summer. Opt for lightweight, pastel-hued dishes, and serve refreshing beverages in mason jars or clear glass pitchers with fresh slices of citrus fruits or sprigs of seasonal herbs. Consider displaying a collection of colorful vintage mixing bowls or freshly picked fruits and vegetables placed in charming woven baskets on your countertops.

These simple additions will give your kitchen a delightful summer vibe and make meal preparations even more enjoyable.

5.  Infuse your home with natural elements.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors by incorporating natural elements into your rustic farmhouse decor. Fill decorative vases with freshly picked wildflowers or arrange branches with delicate summer blooms in vintage pitchers. Display potted herbs on your windowsills, or hang eucalyptus wreaths on your walls to bring a refreshing, earthy scent into your home.

By embracing natural elements, you'll create a harmonious connection between your rustic farmhouse and the great outdoors, fostering a serene and inviting haven in which to unwind from daily stress.

bird vase -

With these five quick tips, you're well on your way to styling your rustic farmhouse home for a fun and inspirational summer season.

Create cozy outdoor spaces that invite relaxation; host memorable brunches and cocktail hours; update your kitchenware with summertime charm; swap out weighted blankets for lightweight cotton ones; and, bring the beauty of natural elements into your home.

We hope you celebrate the carefree spirit of summer, and enjoy the warmth and tranquility of your rustic farmhouse retreat. Let the sun-filled days and balmy evenings inspire you to create cherished memories in a season that often passes way too quickly!

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