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What makes farmhouse furniture so unique? Notes from the workshop…

Today we’ll explore the unique characteristics of farmhouse furniture and the signature elements of farmhouse style. The Rustic Barn incorporates these elements into exclusive pieces our customers have grown to love.

Farmhouse style has been around for ages, grown in popularity over the last years, and evolved to become an envied style of home décor. Current trends highlight old-fashioned exteriors with contemporary interiors. This style that so beautifully reflects traditional, country life has been adapted in suburban areas, coastal regions, and far-off countrysides.

No matter what your specific tastes are, whether they’re traditional with a vintage touch, or more modern with a light and bright feel, classic farmhouse furniture will elevate your space.


In farmhouse furniture, less is more - simple detailing and finishes set the style apart.

You won’t see many intricate details or embellished finishes when you’re shopping for authentic farmhouse furniture. The style is characterized by simplicity: square legs, large slabs of wood that show off the natural grain, and straight, rectangular cuts. Steve’s team crafts every piece by hand in the workshop, and they spend as much time sourcing unique, often local materials, as they do building the furniture.

Frequently sourced from Connecticut, New York, and other local areas, the wood The Rustic Barn uses can take months to find. Then, it can take weeks to create those one-of-a-kind items customers cherish for years to come.


natural wood farmhouse furniture



Distressed finishes and some signature materials are the hallmark of farmhouse furniture.

Natural woods, hand forged metals, and painted and stained finishes really make farmhouse furniture stand out. We often use textures like crackle paint or unique stains to make furniture come to life and serve as a centerpiece in your home. Browse our farmhouse furniture and see what you find - what inspires you?


distressed finish farmhouse furniture



Working with natural wood - imperfections and all - means every piece tells a story.

Working with natural woods like oak, elm, and maple mean imperfections are inevitable. When we source wood for our projects, we come across twists, bows, unique grains, knotting, and sometimes odd textures. Rather than trying to hide these flaws, when we design farmhouse furniture we embrace them. 

wood imperfections farmhouse furniture

Farmhouse furniture is usually natural in color to provide a neutral base for your home decor.  

Farmhouse furniture should complement any neutral color palette.  If you are drawn to crisp whites, coastal blues and grays, or creamy beige textures, sturdy yet “soft-colored” furniture adds charm to any room.  With a neutral base for furniture, it is easier to find smaller accents to reflect your personality (like paintings), rather than trying to figure out a way to “calm down” bold-colored furniture. Balance is vital in good design, and for the farmhouse style in particular.


The best accent to natural wood farmhouse furniture is hand forged metal hardware.


A rustic feel and cool metals can create a truly unique style. Hand forged metals also give balance to woodwork, creating structure and bringing the piece together. For instance, heavy wood appears more refined when mixed with wrought iron, stainless steel, or unlacquered brass. Utilizing these types of metals generates horizontal and vertical lines that boast an elegant, timeless look.


metal accents on farmhouse furniture


Farmhouse furniture tends to be oversized to give a comforting feel to a room and serve as an invitation for friends and family to gather. 

Oversized furniture - dining tables in particular - gives a warm welcome to guests. Large benches, room for lots of chairs, and oversized tabletops allow hosts room to entertain. Plus, more room for decor, which is always a plus!


oversized farmhouse dining table


Handmade farmhouse furniture is more than a functional piece in your space - it's artwork, and can become the foundation of a beautiful home.

Selecting furniture is an investment and a personal choice. Don't rush into a purchase that you don't love. Get to know a local carpenter, follow their work, and let them know what you're looking for. When the right piece hits the showroom floor, you'll know it's time to take it home!



Just down the road from the home decor store, discover The Rustic Barn furniture store for one-of-a-kind finds! Shop online and pick up in store, or visit us during our furniture store showroom hours.

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