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6 Tips to Style Your Mantle Like a Pro

If your living room is the heart of your home, the mantle is the ultimate centerpiece. Throughout the years we've helped so many clients style their mantles, and it's one of my favorite projects to work on. Today, I'm sharing my tried and true tips for styling a mantle with our signature farmhouse touch. 

1. Style your mantle around an inspiration piece. 

It could be an accent mirror, a print or any kind of decorative wall decor.  No matter what I am styling in my home or at the store, I always start with one inspiring piece! Keep in mind, prints or mirrors don't always have to be mounted above the mantle. You can just as easily rest them on top for a more casual look.

style your mantle around a statement piece

2.  Add variation and contrast with pieces of varying sizes, heights, and styles.

The key to styling a space effectively is creating harmony between pieces, rather than over-coordinating. Make sure you incorporate elements of different sizes, color, height and or shape. Adding contrasting elements keeps the eye moving without losing interest. If you have a few items to incorporate that are similar in size or shape, you can use books, pillars, or mounts to elevate items to different heights.

3. Avoid overcrowding.

While you want your mantle to look "finished", you never want to overcrowd the space. Leave some space in between items and avoid lining things up too exactly. Rather, create interesting groupings or small vignettes.

4. Play with asymmetrical and symmetrical elements.

Although symmetry can be very appealing, it can also have a "very vanilla" feel to it as well.  There should be a flow to the height of the accessories.  I always start with the largest piece in the middle and then gradually decrease the height with smaller accessories to the left and to the right. If your mantle is looking a bit too coordinated, swap a large and a small piece and see how it changes the balance of the space. 

5. Overlap decor to create depth in your design.

Create depth and visual interest by overlapping prints, making sure they are different sizes. Overlap  mirrors, a large one and a smaller one. Place a large vase with simple florals in front of a mirror.  These are just a few ways to add depth to your mantle. 

6. Add some softness with florals, greenery, or other organic elements.

Whenever something is missing from your mantle, my go-to tip is to add florals! Whether they are real or faux, florals add life to any display. Add floral picks to a vase, or add a wreath or a garland to your mantle. However you choose to incorporate them, florals are a must for a winning mantle!

Looking for the perfect pieces to style your mantle?

Check out our suggested mantle styling pieces from The Rustic Barn - available in-store or online!


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